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Hi! We're Arrow and Rae, two lesbians who play a lot of Splatoon 2 together. So we decided to make a joint video game account! On our main YouTube channel, you can see us make starter guides, play together, and try not to be assholes.

If you hadn't noticed yet, you can tell our two octolings apart by Arrow's having a ponytail and a bandana, while Rae's will have the long hair and usually a cap or the Pilot Goggles on.

The hero mode icons both above and in our videos are made at this Picrew.

FC: SW-3799-3686-0675

❧ Arrow, 25, she/her
❧ Chinese-American; central time
❧ Custom Hydra Splatling main
❧ Favors all splatlings & sloshers
❧ Favorite snipers are Squiffer class
❧ Max Ranks: SZ X TC S+2 RM S+1 CB S+0 Salmon Run Profreshional 600+
❧ Loves Pokémon, pop music, MBTI, & hoodies. Sometimes writes fanfiction.
❧ Studies computer programming
❧ Cannot draw to save her life

❧ Rae, 28, she/her
❧ White Jewish American; eastern time
❧ Custom Jet Squelcher, Kensa Splattershot, Kensa Splattershot Pro, Heavy Splatling Remix, Golden Dynamo Roller
❧ Flex player; prefers backline
❧ Max Ranks: SZ X TC S+7 RM CB S+0 Salmon Run 600+
❧ Pokemon lover since 1999, collects Unicornos, art history major
❧ Ask me about my African fat-tailed gecko

FC: SW-0089-0759-7102